How to Create Your First Digital Product

Everything you need to create your information product right at your finger tips

Do you want to turn your Knowledge, Talent, Experiences, Passion and Interest into an endless flow of income?

Do you want to create a niche for your expertise?

The world is waiting! Create your first digital product and share your expertise with the world.

If you have got something to say, there is no better way to say it than to put it in a retrievable format i.e. a digital product.

Around 40% of the world has Internet connection. That is 3.17 billion people worldwide. (source: statista) Cast your imagination out there, can you guess how many can access your digital product online. Yes! Your guess is right – millions.

What are you waiting for?

Are you knowledgeable about a topic, gained a certain experience, enjoy a particular interest, talent or passionate about a subject matter? It is time to put the components of your passion in an easy to retrieve, digital format.

Stop trading all your time for money every day of the week, come on board and leverage the components of your passion. There are a limited number of people you can meet in a year even if you travel around the world. You have a better chance of reaching more people if you put what you know in a digital format.

Do you know how to take great photos, cook a meal better than anyone else, overcame a messy divorce and now thriving, know how to create the perfect black dress, savvy with computers, a whizz at money management, love to impart knowledge? Your digital product is waiting to be loaded with your knowledge, experience and expertise.

Get your Easy Guide to Creating, Marketing and Launching your First Information Product.

The Easy Guide to Creating, Marketing and Launching your First Information Product is a comprehensive guide developed with you in mind. With the right amount of information and step by step tasks, you will find the right rhythm to create your digital product. In just a few weeks, your product could be in circulation in the digital world. Just follow the instructions in the comprehensive guide, take action and enjoy the results.

What is in this special package:

Easy Comprehensive Guide to Creating and Marketing Your First Product - 27 pages of ample information to help you step out with your product.

Bonus Detailed Checklist and Brainstorming Sheet - comprehensive worksheet to help you lay the right foundation so you can find the right niche and target market for your information product.

Fast Track Information Product Publishing Brainstorming Worksheet - your publishing dream is made easy with this practical guide. It contains all the information you need to brainstorm and get your digital product ready.

Fast Track Information Product Publishing Checklist - leave no stone unturned as you work your way through this easy guide.

Mind Map Sheet - leave guesswork to others, if you map out your plan from the onset, you will not fail.

Outline Example - a good outline is the foundation for a good information product. You have all you need to create the ultimate information product.

Information Product Selling Systems Comparison Chart - not sure of where to sell your product? No need to search for it. This chart has the links to some major digital sales platforms that fit your budget and expertise.

All these resource and worksheets are available to you straight away when you get your easy guide bundle.

Let us do some maths..

If you develop your digital product and sell it for $30 per package and 100 buy it, how much will you earn? That is $3,000. That is an excellent return on investment for a one-time work you have done to bring you perpetual income over time. You will make your initial investment in this course back over and over again.

Let us say you are ambitious and market your information product extensively and get 1,000 consumers to buy it; that is $30,000. I hope you get the picture and are excited about creating your own income stream from what you know.

There is no time like now to harness the power of the Internet. Millions of people are consulting Google for answers. Let yours be one of the best solutions to consider – get this guide and start developing your digital product today.

Not only do you get the step by step process of what to create and how to do it. You also get ample information to help you publish and market your fantastic digital product.

Let Your Talent Work For You.

Embrace the power of the Internet and get your products and expertise in front of the people that need it.

There are solutions within you that must reach the people who need them.

So go ahead and get ready to eat your slice of the digital cake in the digital world.

Your Instructor

Temi Koleowo
Temi Koleowo

Temi is an idea catalyst speciliases in helping people discover, develop and deploy their passion, so they can do what they really love and enjoy. Temi is forever grateful to redundancy which forced her to dig deep and uncover all the talents, passion and strengths buried beneath her job description. This 'get out of jail card' was all she needed to spread her wings and fly. Her road to discovery birthed in her a desire to help more people find work they are passionate about and do it with love.

Temi believes the saying that "if you do what you love, you will not work for a day in your life."

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We know you will love this course because it is designed with you in mind. Due to the nature of the course, we are unable to offer refunds. Once a digital product is downloaded, it becomes accessible by the user.
I have no technical skills, can I still use it?
Yes, you can. We have made ample provision for those who shy away from computers and technical stuff. There are those who can help you do the jobs you hate, and we are here to help you find them.
What can I sell?
We have you covered. That is where the brainstorming sheet is for. You get the chance to explore many options and find the right one that fits.
Is it a monthly subscription?
Oh no! Once you buy it, you keep it and refer to it as long as you want to. All we ask is not to ​pass the product around. This product has been lovingly developed to serve those who believe in what we offer. The purchase is your way of saying thank you. If your friends want one too, send them our way.
Where can I sell my digital product?
When I said, we have got you covered, I mean it. There is a comparison sheet with links to various platforms where you can sell your information product online.

Get started now!